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  • I strongly recommend A Closer Look and Gary for your next home inspection. This was by far the best home inspection ever! To be clear, I have only had two but I now know what an inspection should entail. I hope to stop a lot of fears easily by telling you, if you are looking for a thorough and complete inspection, you should call Gary immediately. Oh, and call soon because he's a popular guy and the word has clearly spread about his amazing work. Also, plan to pay half the cost that other local inspectors are charging. Not only will you get a detailed 10 page report on the spot, Gary follows up with another report full of pictures, supplemental documents of laws/regs, etc. and yet another detailed analysis outlining his reviewing all within hours of the actual home inspection. 

    There is the right way to perform a home inspection and there's everyone else. A Closer Look and Gary are doing inspections the right way and then some! I can't thank him enough for his helpful thorough expertise. As a buyer, it's important to educate yourself on what you think you're paying for so you don't end up walking away from an inspection with questions unanswered. Gary inspected the roof, exterior of the home, shingles, garage, heating/cooling systems, porch, fence, interior, bathrooms, bedrooms, windows, pool, chimney, you name it! He literally inspected everything but the neighbors homes! I walked away educated, fully prepared for the next steps.

  • Laura B.

  • Jj C.
    5.0 star rating

    These other reviews are spot on.  I just recently went with Gary for a second time to inspect a house I'm considering buying.  The first time was about 3 years ago and I knew who my wife and I would be going with for this second inspection before we even found a realtor.  You simply can't get any more thorough than Gary, basically every square inch of the house is inspected.  He doesn't sugar coat any problems he sees, which is a good thing because the safety of your family could potentially be at stake.  But at the same time he is able to offer potential solutions to literally anything that comes up no matter the size of the issue.  The extent of his knowledge is flat out impressive.  His wit and humor are a plus as well considering how stressful buying a home can be.  To be honest I think the only remotely bad thing you could say about Gary is you might be looking at a 5-7 day wait to schedule him, especially during the spring season when the housing market starts to pick up again.  But it is for good reason and well, well worth the wait.  His prices are as fair as you can find, he's as thorough as you can find and you'll learn a lot about the maintenance and repair of what is probably the biggest purchase you'll ever make.  When you meet a person for all of 3 hours and can remember their name off the top of your head 3 years later based off the incredible work he does, well, can you ask for anything more?